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Physical Exams Specialist

Morgan Hill Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine located in Morgan Hill, CA

It’s always a good idea to evaluate your health with a doctor’s help, even if you don’t notice any symptoms or changes. With thorough physical exams from internists Devang Shah, MD, and Nimisha Shah, MD, at Morgan Hill Internal Medicine in Morgan Hill, California, you can gain a better understanding of your health and report the results to your employer, coach, or educational institution. To find out more about physical exams and what they entail, book an appointment by phone or online at Morgan Hill Internal Medicine today.

Physical Exams Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a routine appointment with your doctor that gives you a comprehensive view of your health. At Morgan Hill Internal Medicine, the team provides thorough physical exams to make sure you’re healthy enough for work, school, or sports. You can also get a physical exam for peace of mind about your health and to ask your doctor questions. 

Most physicians recommend getting physical exams yearly even if you don’t need them for work, school, or any other purpose. Attending annual physical exams can help your doctor get to know you and become familiar with your health history and preferences. With regular physical exams, your care and treatment improves.

What happens during a physical exam?

There are many steps in a standard physical exam, and they can vary based on your age, gender, and your reason for getting an exam. Each physical exam starts with an in-depth discussion about your lifestyle and your medical history. The team at Morgan Hill Internal Medicine asks questions about your current health and any symptoms or changes you’ve noticed since your last visit. 

After the consultation, the examination begins. It may include:

  • Checking your vital signs (heartbeat, blood pressure)
  • Skin evaluation
  • Checking ears, nose, and throat
  • Checking your vision
  • Checking your balance, posture, and reflexes
  • Palpating your internal organs

The physical exam shouldn’t be uncomfortable at any point. If you have questions or concerns about certain steps in your exam, be sure to let your doctor know. 

What kinds of physical exams are available?

The team at Morgan Hill Internal Medicine is qualified to provide physical exams for many employers and purposes. If you need one of these types of physicals, the team can help you out:

  • Sports physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Pre-college enrollment physicals
  • Immigration physicals (Form I-693)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Federal Aviation Administration Pilot physical
  • Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) physical (Form 602-A)

The team at Morgan Hill Internal Medicine performs these physical exams to the standards that they require. The results of these physicals can show your employer, coach, a judge, or yourself that you aren’t a risk for yourself or others.

To find out more about the physical exam you need, call Morgan Hill Internal Medicine, or book an appointment online today.